Things To Do In NEPAL: Kathmandu Travel Vlog


things-to-do-in-nepal-kathmandu-travel-vlog-_-travel-guide-thamel-night-lifetemples-monasteries-youtubeThamel is in Kathmandu. It is a haven for tourists visiting the city. It contains numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops that cater specifically to western tourists. It is located in the northern region of Kathmandu past the government district on Tridevi Marj. Although some consider it to be overcrowded it has been used by westerners since the 1970’s when hippies in the region discovered it. Although now it has become quite commercial. Thamel is an easy walk from anywhere in central Kathmandu. Though the roads can be quite busy during the day, and traffic can be quite heavy.

Getting into Thamel is easy as any taxi driver will know exactly where it is. It is about a 20 minute taxi drive from Tribhuvan International Airport or about a 15 minute drive from the city bus station. Both will cost you around NPR 500 (around $5). You can also take the local bus from the station on Tridevi Marj next to Ratna Park. This costs as of June 2014 NPR 400 for tourists.

The streets of Thamel are fascinating, though beware of the hash dealers and the violin sellers as they will try to rip you off. Most of the actual tourist draws are outside of the district, this is a good place to set up a home base to see the city from.

There are lots of shops selling everything from glass pipes to Tibetan Singing Bowls. Make sure you haggle the price to about 2/3 of the original price, also never state your price first always let the seller ask for a specific amount of money. There are also a few quiet courtyards that you can find if you look that show why this place attracted peace loving hippies 40 years ago. There are also many nightclubs that open at 10PM.

This is the shopping Mecca in Nepal you can buy most of the things you want here. Some favorites are the incense sold almost everywhere, prayer flags, and Kukri swords. There are also a number of bookstores, outdoor outfitters, and banks in this district. ATMs can be easily found and will give you 100, 500, or 1000 rupee notes.

There are bars everywhere in Thamel. The best bet to order is beer as several good lagers are available including Carlsberg (brewed under license) and Everest which are both very good. Hard liquor often is very expensive (as much as NPR 400 a drink) and usually do not taste very good. However Kukri Rum is good in mixed drinks and in classier bars western imported liquors (such as Jack Daniels). You can also buy liquor without an ID at any food store which are in abundance in Thamal.

There are many scams that are run in Thamel, almost none include violence but you will lose a lot of money. One of the ways the scams are run is someone will offer to guide you around the city and then demand an exorbitant sum. Another is selling you wares for entirely too much money. There is also a scam where mothers stand outside of stores selling milk with their babies and will say they do not have money for milk. After you buy it they will sell it back to the store. Also don’t give money to beggars are many Nepalis find begging demeaning.

Keep your travel documents safe and always keep a copy of them just in case. There are incidents where foreigners were robbed of all their valuables including passport. Also make a note of local police’s number (100) and your embassy’s to be on a safe side.

The tourist police station is situated near Tourism Bank branch in Thamel. They assist foreigners in case of emergency. Phone Number: +977-1-4247041 (Bhrikutimandap) & +977-1-4700750 (Thamel). Email: