Team Who Cares: Providing Hope to the hopeless.


Today when we have so much, some have so little. When society can cure diseases, we still allow children to starve on the streets of our capitals. While rich businessmen are given the keys to the city and our international economy, others are destined to stay poor and destitute. People are deprived of basic fundamental necessities of life like; food, security, shelter, family, and love.

We all live on the same planet but we are not treated the same. Some people are protected and loved by their immediate family and friends while others are subjected to the brutalities of life with no hope or support from society. They are forgotten and left to their own devices. People without family or loved ones who no know nothing about tomorrow, but must fend for themselves today.

This is their fate and life. We can blame it on them or look at society to reach a conclusion on the rights and morality of these differences. No matter the judgment, this is their fate. This is their life. There is hope for this group of down trodden people. Street people who make up our society. There is Hope and it comes from an association called “Team Who Cares”.

The Team was formed under the head ship of Mr. Aron Yonzone from Kalimpong in 2012. He along with four other members initiated the association to serve the street dwellers of Kalimpong. One of the first initiatives arranged by the group was a Calendar campaign where the association presented a annual calendar which had pictures of street dwellers from the city of Kalimpong. The calendar had pictures of the street dwellers as well as the attention from locals and businesses alike. The campaign caught the attention of many people in the county and while the attendence was low, the event was successful.

Later in the year, the group was joined by 18 new workers who gave a boost to the structural needs as well as support the implementation of activities, events, and campaigns to reach their target markets. The key to the growth was to allocate resources from an office to the streets. This meant finding volunteers and supporters in order to reach our target groups. Our goal was to help the helpless. Gradually the TWC went on to win many hearts and minds in the local areas and to show their commitment to the cause.

With this new confidence, the group went out to support the poor. With nearly 3000 proud members, the association is well on its way. The association has members in 12 different countries with more that 12 branches in Sikkim n North Bengal.

The organisation is financed by the monthly fees of the members as well as donations from local sources. Apart form providing food, cloth, and shelter to the poor, Team had also extended its service to the earthquake victims of Nepal by reaching out to them in person. The Team also has conducted many free medical camps n blood donations camp in recent times thereby creating more heath awareness among the people of the region. They have also conducted health awareness progranme focusing on students.

Over the last year, TWC had conducted an educational awareness programme at Dreamland English School ( Mirik ) on 19th 2016. Through the programme, the leaders and the youth volunteers help encourage students to gain a different view on science, mathematics and other subjects.

TWC was also given a letter of appreciation from school authorities for their outstanding and challenging concept of grooming students for science subjects. To add to this TWC has also helped a patient with serious Kidney ailment in raising funds for treatment n many such help n service has been discharged by TWC time n again.

TWC and it’s relentless social work has been highly appreciated and encouraged by many national and international organisations. Local and governmental bodies are more than happy to work with TWC. Within a short span of time, Team Who Cares have made a difference in the society and achieved so much that it has become a steady platform in which supporters and friends from throughout the world can come together to support Team Who Care because they keep society going by working with the hopeless, homeless and those who need support. When you need to call a friend, you call the Team Who Cares.