Dance Kalimpong Dance have music it their blood.


Dancing is in the blood. Some people have it and some don’t. Its evident that the youth from Dance Kalimpong Dance have it in spades.

Dance Kalimpong Dance third season was held on 23rd October 2016 under great fanfare from the press, locals from the community. The overall production was a great success at Town Hall Kalimpong. The Dance Kalimpong Dance was jointly organised by Kalimpong Hill  Channel and Reyaz Dance Institute Kalimpong. Lopsang Lama (Sabhasad) GTA was the chief guest as well as Bhuwan Khanal who was the guest of honor.

The Students had fun!
All the students of Reyaz Dance Institute performed on the stage with  various cultural as well as western forms of dance. The founder of Reyaz Dance Institute; Aditya Sunam has been running the Reyaz institute since 2014 with a great success. With his ever growing stature, he always makes an efforts to provide the platforms for students by organising such programme every year.
The  audience were locals as well as guest from all over the world. Throughout the event, smiles and laughter could be heard. Everybody enjoyed the program and highly appreciated the organisers. The prize distribution was divided into two sections;
Junior Section which was won by Euvika Tamang. Euvika was awarded a cash prize of ten thousand Rupees which shows the growth of the event. In 2nd place was Wardan Sunam, who received a cash prize of five thousand Rupees. From the Senior Section in first place came Kiden Bhutia who was awarded with a cash prize of twelve thousand Rupee. Coming in second place was Bimochana Thapa who received seven thousand Rupees..

Support and guideance
Reyaz trained and supported the students and worked hard making the program and guiding the success of the event with support from Pratik Hingmang Shakyonce and Puran Subba. It takes a village to raise a child and maybe more to arrange a successful dance event.

Special thanks to Chinlop Fudong Lepcha a wonderful photo journalist from The Telegraph for providing us the pictures. Facebook