Canberra to become first city in Australia to legalise cannabis.


A bill allowing people aged 18 or over to possess up to 50 grams per person was passed by politicians in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on Wednesday.The law also allows for those over 18 in Canberra, the country’s capital, to have a maximum of four plants per household.

Possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalised throughout Australia, but the ACT is the first of Australia’s eight states and territories to take the next step of legalising possession and cultivation.Cannabis will be legal in Canberra, which has a population of around 400,000, from 31 January 2020.

The opposition in the ACT was against the bill with shadow attorney general Jeremy Hanson arguing it could lead to “perverse outcomes”, as possession and using cannabis will be still illegal under national law.

But ACT Labor politician Michael Pettersson told Sky News Australia he would be “amazed” if prosecutors brought a charge against a cannabis user in the territory.