What Horrific Things Can Be Found on The Dark Web?


It was last year when I thought of exploring the invisible web (deep web) and the dark web for the first time, I was really curious about it, being a Computer Science and Engineering student. But, I didn’t know how to access it. So, I searched for a while and then got the required resources ready.

After entering the dark web and surfing for about 10–15 minutes, I found a web page with a lot of onion URLS (URLs of dark web sites). So, I decided to visit some random URLs, as there were hundreds of them.

That time, I had no idea that this could cost me a night’s sleep.

I visited the 1st URL, and it was a website selling drugs. I knew that I could encounter this kind of stuff, as I had read about Silk Road during the research I did about Cryptocurrencies.

Then, I visited the 2nd random URL, and it was a website for hiring contract killers. All the killers were listed with their codenames and their skills, kills, success rate, cost of hiring, etc. were mentioned alongside, like the image below:

(Image for reference – belongs to Counter Strike Game)

At this time, I got a little nervous, but then proceeded towards the 3rd random URL. This one took me to a website selling human organs. where various organs were listed, along with the base price, and one could enter the quantity and then order them.

After that, the 4th random URL lead me to a website teaching torture techniques. There were many videos in each torture technique of people belonging to different gender and age groups. Those videos were too cruel to watch and were of hours length. In those videos, maybe the person/kid died in the end (I wasn’t able to watch them all the way through).

At this point, I was kind of feeling disgusted and took a break from my computer.

Then, after about 15–20 mins, I proceeded towards the 5th random URL, and it lead me to a website featuring illegal and banned porn. The next few random URLs were the same. All the websites were featuring the illegal and banned porn, and were requesting users to buy it.

After this, I was thinking of exiting the dark web, but just thought to give it a last try and if the next website also comes to feature the same content, I’ll quit.

Then came the worst part, my Nth random link, it took me to a website which was teaching how to cook people, keeping them alive to the maximum extent. Not just this, but it had the different procedures to cook people based on their geographical location, age, gender, built, etc. Along with that, there were videos attached in each procedure. I wasn’t able to play any of them, as even their thumbnails were disgusting as hell. I don’t understand why anyone would do that. This thought crossed my mind and I quit the dark web.

After this, I was traumatized for a few days.

I’ve accessed dark web many times after that for research purposes and just out of curiosity, but that was the worst.