The world’s most beautiful toilet.


Perhaps the most beautiful public toilet in the world has opened in Norway, with a view over the tip of a fjord.The bathroom at Ureddplassen, along the scenic route of Helgelandskysten on the country’s western coast, sits in a ‘wave-shaped’ building on top of a cliff.The luxury water closet near the town of Gildeskal, featuring frosted glass and a concrete bathroom, is part of a new rest area which cost some 15 million Norwegian kroner, or £1.4million.The Norwegian Scenic Routes website said: ‘With seating benches in beautiful colours, a new wave-shaped toilet facility and a viewing terrace directly towards the open sea, Ureddplassen at Gildeskål will be a great experience for travellers in the north.’The rest area is now open to the public.’In the winter there is hardly a more beautiful place to admire the northern lights, and the same goes for the midnight sun in the summer.’After extensive upgrading, Ureddplassen now shines in new splendour.’ Because of ongoing indoor work and testing of lights and technical solutions, the toilet building will not be opened for another few weeks, the website said.Steinar Skaar, the manager of the scenic route, said: ‘The view from the steps is unique and there is ample seating well protected from traffic noise.’ The toilet building was designed by Marit Justine Haugen and Dan Zohar, architects based in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.Nearby is a memorial sculpture commemorating Norwegians who died in a Second World War submarine in 1943, opened by King Olav V, Metro reports.Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten is the longest of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes, the official website says, crossing the Arctic Circle and featuring six ferry trips.