A Bulls Life – Story by. Isabel Santos


A Bulls Life – Story by. Isabel Santos

Under a heat of more than 30 degrees, no wind, no water and no food and after having stayed more than 16 hours into a metal divider from a truck where you can barely move, the 6 Bulls They’ll be ” in the square.

They will be drilled with irons (Banderillas) Measuring 70 cm in length, adorned with silk paper of various colors and successful with a 8 CM Iron, with a 4 cm long harpoon and 20 Mm Wide, with barbs or long irons and short irons measuring respectively 140 cm and 80 cm in length, with hardware identical to that of flagger, but with two harpoons adorned and rematados in the same way as banderillas.

The irons that penetrate and tear the muscle, will cause a searing pain (the bull feels until a fly lands on his back – hence shaking with his tail to shoo it off – because it would not feel pain if it is made of flesh and bone like Us? ). After being glued to the irons, exhausted and debilitated, weakened, they will still be tormented by 8 men who will provoke him, try to immobilize, jump on him and pull his tail violently (vertebrae will be broken) and Humiliate Him.

Then you’ll be forced to pick up the truck, as someone said to me this morning, “pulled and dragged so violently by strings that you get the feeling that you’re going to rip your horns off”.

In the truck, the irons will be torn out, in cold blood, by cutting the meat around the harpoon with a knife, leaving his back holey in living flesh…

After the “tough party”, when viewers find it difficult to stand up, the bull will be taken to the slaughterhouse, in the same truck where you cannot move, leaving behind you a trail of blood and diarrhea.

Today is FridayTomorrow is Saturday, slaughterhouses do not work. Sunday neither.
With luck and if they haven’t died by then, the bulls will finally be killed on Monday, after stunned with electric shocks and hanging upside down.

They’ll have peace after all.

Text by Isabel Santos
“Baião for abolition” 23 August 2013
Photo taken to tó joiner