Ristorante Sorrentin….


Cooking is a lifestyle

The kitchen beauty of Naples, as well as the rest of the Italian kitchen-fresh products of exceptional quality that create miraculously tasting dishes.We believe that authentic Neapolitan cooking requires two elements: highest quality products, brought directly from the region and a genuine Neapolitan chef.

Sorrentino is  located at the center of Vilnius. Sorrentino Restaurant is perfect for enjoying a great meal and then go to visit the beautiful town.Sorrentino is one restaurant that really can offer home made traditional tastes. Desserts and fruits simply delicious. Surely a place to taste pasta with sauce from caramelized onions, drink homemade limoncello and tiramisu. Main course, shrimp linguini for14 euros with great taste. For vegetarian we can have  vegetable penne pasta for 10 euros and tasty too . The staff are  friendly and are really knowledgeable about the dishes.

Surely a place to taste pasta with sauce from caramelized onions, drink homemade limoncello and tiramisu.Most of all the dishes are tasty and delicious.If you have any confusion while  choosing the dish they help while giving a brief description about the food…

 The environment is charming and warm. It is a family run restaurant and this is definitely reflected in tier high level service. The food is exquisite. This restaurant  offers a range of home made Neapolitan dishes made with love and Italian ingredients. Michele (the chef) and his staff do a fantastic job to seduce the customers with flavors from their home region – Napoli.  Must try that amazing tasty coffee and tiramisu, best way to activate endorphins and get power for all of the rest of the day.

Solid and laimyngi with fritturina. This is one of the most popular dishes in Naples. Whole region gently rice and pasta, and potatoes kukulaičiai maltinukai traškiomis with vegetables. This is exactly how we are starting this wonderful week.

Maxima on Tuesday night meeting and atsikvėpkime from alsuojančio heat and take in Italy. Seafood, vėsios vegetables, gently toasted bread. It a Neapolitan cooking lettuce, qp holiday sensations.